Bombay Mixture


Sending you love from the beaches of Juhu Choupati, home of the bombay mixture. I found myself there during a long assignment this year, with Abhishek, an Indian man I had met for work, who soon became my friend. After a few weeks working straight with no weekends, and no other company but myself, it was heartwarming to find someone I could talk to about Firefly, and graphic novels, my fiancee Jon, and about the intelligentsia of India. He told me about his life, about growing up very poor in a small town, getting out of that small town and realizing he dreaded coming back. What do you call the people you become close to very briefly, and then never see again? 

India used to terrify me. That's not true anymore. We parted ways in Juhu Choupati, where the sea and the skies are grey but the colors are everywhere. 

Hannah Reyes Morales